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About Screens

Since the beginning, Screens has adopted a distinctive approach to management recruitment, where key roles were only assigned to candidates who demonstrate versatility and unique adaptation skills. Over the years, several partners and executive people were selected, each bringing to the company innovative ideas.

Meet the Executive Team

Samar has been a key player in liaising Screens with its customers and partners ever since she joined the company in 2002. Holder of a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, her goal was to build and maintain good solid relations with all the accounts handed to her. She always succeeds at this due to her charming personal attitude with the clients and her devotion to their requirements. As Operations Manager, she always finds personal fulfillment tackling the challenges of her job by following Damon Richard's motto "Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care".

Samar Nahas

Operations Manager

Joseph has always been an exceptional entrepreneur. He was formed into business affairs at Morley College and then graduated in the London School of Foreign Trades, the city he still regards as second home. His dynamic personality helped him start his PR network at a very early stage, where his ties with executives in BBC, SKY and iTV started years before his dive into the Media business. After completing his studies, he came back to Beirut bringing with him technologies and ideas to start Screens International as a pioneer in the field. For 25 years, he has been leading his business with an expert perceptiveness, always looking forward at new forthcoming technologies that might open new perspectives. Apart his family, Joseph’s heart is always tied to Nature and Traveling. Even though nobody believes he ever sleeps, he still finds time to organize community projects and be involved in different policy institutes worldwide.

Joseph Akiki


Since childhood, Mario was always fascinated by technology. He showed a love for computers and programming since late 80s that grew with him till present day. Torn between science and arts, he studied Math & Physics at the Lebanese University, then in 2001 his love for cinema and music drove him to study Audio Visual and TV Production. After graduation, he found himself at the intersection of two different domains: TELEVISION & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, so he started his professional career in 2003 as a junior engineer at a new TV channel launching in Dubai. 9 years later, having worked for many top broadcasters in the Middle-East, he joined Screens and quickly became a key element to its own development. From writing software and web applications, to working on deploying a redundancy cloud network, Mario always dedicates his time to engineering new tracks for the advancement of Screens. His personal life is pulsating with interests like learning about Space Travel, Artificial Intelligence, practicing Japanese Ju-jitsu and Motorcycles, but his utmost priority remains spending time with his two daughters.

Mario Daher

VP Strategy