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We are proudly rated as the world leader in Arabic dubbing and voice-over services.

Having 25 years of excellent reputation to maintain, and 11 state-of-the-art fully equipped studios, we manage our Arabic localization operations from Beirut – Lebanon, the heart of the Levantine region. This has also proved to be advantageous in many ways; for one, our location in Beirut helps us cooperate smoothly with any client worldwide requiring an Arabic dubbing job. On the other hand, it gives us direct access to voice talents and actors who speak Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian dialects. These accents are the most widely used in the business as they are easily understood by anyone who understands Arabic.

Our operation itself is organized in a way we can process 200+ programme hours per month, delivering the finest work in comparison to peer companies in the field. From casting the talents, to recording and mixing and then digital deliveries over high-speed networks to our clients, every step is closely supervised by an art director, and endures several quality checks to ensure flawless results.

Excellent Voice Talents

Casting the best voices for the characters, staying close to the original personality

Natural Lip-synch

In dubbing, Lip-sync is king. This is where our best work goes unnoticed

Fast Turnaround

Delivering fast, respecting client’s deadlines is our golden rule.

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Throughout the last era, the demand for Arabic dubbed TV series (mainly drama), as well as feature movies, has exceeded all expectations, especially for content coming from Spain, Turkey, India and more recently Korea and Japan. Competition is always high among broadcasters to get first runs of a successful TV serial, and pitching it in the MENA region requires the best dubbing work to be applied in order to maximize the chances of quickly being appreciated by the viewers.


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