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Since the establishment of Screens in 1991, Arabic subtitling was one of the very first major services provided. Now, 25 years later, rated as the world top provider of Subtitling and Captioning in Arabic, Screens offers a wide array of services to major networks like BBC, MBC, OSN, TV5, INTIGRAL, FOX, DISCOVERY and other VOD platforms like NETFLIX, ICFLIX and SELEVISION.

The need for Arabic subtitling has been incredibly increasing during the past decade, not only in the Arab countries, but also in Europe, North America and Australia. Aside standard Arabic open subtitles, Screens is the the first and only reliable company to provide Arabic closed captions and Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with proper knowledge of color coding, audio description, special timing rules and exporting in various CC formats.


  • 25 years of experience
  • Content localization
  • Bridging cultures worldwide
  • We speak your language!


  • Unrivaled reliability
  • Flexible. We adapt to your needs
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Unbeatable turnaround speed

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Throughout history, text translation was the only medium that brought cultures together, by converting literary works, science logs and researches, history and poetry from their original languages to others. When satellite and Internet became the de-facto stage where multimedia and entertainment content are being transmitted, inter-language subtitling became the favorite instrument to bring different cultures together. Any content owner knows the importance of subtitling when it comes to offering his programs to new markets. At Screens, we go even further by putting our knowledge of cultural values and language expertise at the disposal of our clients, becoming more of a consulting partner than service provider.

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