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The Arabic Language, throughout its massive history, underwent several major changes and expansions due to its significant geographical presence (The Middle-East), and the long important events that forged history, politics and religions. From the times when Alexandria’s archive was the world’s largest public archive in history, Arabic translation took its place in the headship of language and literature. Covering more regions and population than any other language today, only behind Chinese and Hindi, translation from and into Arabic is still the most growing language service in demand worldwide. At Screens International, we are privileged to have more than 150 native Arabic translators working with us in-house, covering all possible technical fields required in the translation and transcreation domain.


Whether you have a textbook you need to translate, a technical manual, or even a large dynamic website with thousands of pages updated every month, Screens is your top choice for hiring as a service provider. Our long experience in fields like Medical, Computers, Engineering and Legal, is only topped by the excellent quality service our staff delivers. We build dedicated teams for large projects where everyone works simultaneously using a Translation Memory tool, supervised by proof-readers, project managers and the client himself when needed. This kind of organization allows us to process jobs that are overwhelming to other providers, while relying on proprietary glossaries that sometimes are created from scratch for the proprietorship of the client.

During the past few years, Arabic language has found its way to the top, and is ranking nowadays amongst the most popular languages in the world. This high demand for Arabic comes mainly from the fact that the Middle East region is becoming more or less one of the most talked about regions in the world, seeing the constant interaction with the international community, especially with Europe and North America, thus comes the emergent need for Arabic translation done by native Arabic professionals. On the other hand, the rapidly growing industries and markets in the Arab world are urging the Western, European and Asian corporations to explore their horizons in new countries, hence the need for professional high quality translation services for the development of their businesses.


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