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Subtitles were born as early as 1903 in Films like Uncle Tom’s Cabin and College Chums. Subtitling in the sense we know today, became popular in late 20’s, and an integral part of Television broadcast ever since the first airing days, and it was all English Subtitles during these historical landmarks.

This is a major reason why English Subtitling and Captioning is still considered one of the mostly required post-production services, as not only it facilitates the accessibility of the content to wide audiences, but also as a fundamental requirement for any decent marketing plan. English subtitling, teletext and SDH, are a major service provided by Screens International, and for 25 years we have been delivering seamless quality jobs for TV networks, Film producers and VOD platforms. Our studios are operated by 100+ professional subtitlers and editors with the latest software and equipment at their disposal.


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ENGLISH SUBTITLING & CAPTIONING: A must for any TV programme

To pitch any Film or TV program to a new audience and expect good feedback requires a smart marketing strategy that takes into consideration the genre of the program, the target audience and the timing of the launch. In the middle of such strategies is the availability of good English subtitles.
One cannot stress enough on the importance that English subtitles occupy in the media and communication business, being in demand under its various formats: Standard Open, Closed/Teletext, Same-Language-Subtitling, and the new-kid-on-the-block, SDH (Subtitling for the deaf and Hard of Hearing). Screens International specializes in delivering these services with the highest quality standards required by major networks like BBC, FOX, NBC, DISNEY, MBC, NETFLIX, APPLE and GOOGLE.

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