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Never in the history of languages was there a more dominant presence than the current state of the English language. It surpassed any political boundaries and became instilled in all aspects of our daily life, from technology, to education and entertainment. It is hard to imagine any project that does not need English translation, in a way or another. This is why at Screens International, we consider our English translation services at the heart of our company, providing the best results in terms of quality, accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.
We offer FROM<>TO English translation in various fields like Medical, Engineering, Marketing, Technology, Legal, Transcreation and Literature. Our translators are recruited among the best in university graduates, via special internship programs we have with prominent institutes. No matter what the project nature is, be it a small legal document or a large dynamic website with thousands of pages updated every month, we handle our translation projects with competence and clear coordination between the translators, proof-readers, project managers and the supervision of the client himself.


At this very moment, it is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide are learning English. This is only one indication about how important this language has become globally. It is the mother tongue of all technologies, the best films and entertainment, present on every user-manual for ANY product in the world, and spoken by the majority of people in between the North and South poles. Being of this paramount importance, it was only evident that Screens must excel as an English translation provider to stay up to the name Screens International. This is why for 25 years we have dedicated our best attention to build-up the expertise that we are reputed for today, and we plan on staying one of the best providers of English translation worldwide in the years to come.

Our English translators here at Screens International come from different backgrounds and cultures, and are continuously encouraged to keep up with the latest terminologies, slangs and jargon, to be able to deliver the most accurate translations possible. This is also achieved by using special collaborative database tools that we share between our teams, relying on proprietary glossaries that we developed. We simply do our best to keep our translators updated and at their best.


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