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In contrast with the rest of Europe, French audiences prefer foreign films and TV programs to be dubbed in French instead of subtitled. It has always been a delicate and very vibrant industry and one of the mostly challenging in terms of accuracy and lip-synch perfection.Our studios at Screens have done thousands of programs in various VO and Dubbing formats, with a prodigious access to voice actors and fresh new voice talents.

Excellent Voice Talents

Casting the best voices for the characters, staying close to the original personality

Natural Lip-synch

In dubbing, Lip-sync is king. This is where our best work goes unnoticed

Fast Turnaround

Delivering fast, respecting client’s deadlines is our golden rule.

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From Paris to Quebec, Belgium to Beirut, the presence of French voices is everywhere: Answering machines, Bank ATMs, Television, Film theatre, Blurays, Airport Public Address, etc… It is no surprise to know that the French Dubbing market is one of the most prospered post-production fields worldwide, and that content owners and distributors strive to dub their content into French in order to pitch it to new regions to boost their program ratings up, as well as their profits.

At Screens International, you will find not only an excellent service provider of French VO and Dubbing, but also consultancy with 25 years of successful history in the French market.


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