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Among all the world languages, French is the most alive and developed both on the academic and public levels. It is the second-most widespread language after English, and the first in versatility and colorful romantic history. French is used as official language in 29 countries, and roughly 300 million people around the globe. The importance of French is that it is an integral part of all human sciences, arts, business and technology, a fact rendering the French translation services one of the most vibrant in-demand within the language and literary industry. Screens International, born in a Francophone country, always had French translation as one of its primary and most focused-on services. With a team of 150+ professional native French linguists, we cover all field where text and audio-visual translation are needed: Literary, Medical, Lifestyle, Art, Technology, Engineering, Legal, Business, etc…

FRENCH: Language of the heart, historically.

Historically speaking, France was one of the two most influential empires that spread their culture and /language over the rest of the world. There is beauty, romance, musicality and technical precision in French that keeps it vibrant with life today with the help of the academic institutions in charge. Being the common denominator in many European, African and Middle-Eastern countries, the language covers an impressive geographical space to make it one of the most required in the business and politics world.

Our portfolio at Screens has always been rich with French clients and distinguished French projects. Be it small document translation, or a 10,000 pages dynamic website that we are localizing, we do each text from and into French with precision and love for the language. The French language has its place in our hearts, and this reflects in our work, where we always deliver French translation jobs with the highest standards of Quality and Proficiency.


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