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German translation services were always well in-demand in the business world, and have been growing steadily in the past 10 years, mostly due to the robust status of the German industry and foreign trades. At Screens, we receive a significant amount of German documents for translation on weekly basis, and we assign each project to the right translator according to his background of expertise. Translation is mainly done from<>into Hochdeutsche, the standard German dialect. We also specialize in various fields of German translation like Manufacturing, Electrical, Computer Technology, Motor industry, Energy and Transport.


Spoken by 100 million native speakers and around 80 million non-natives, the German Language spreads across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Belgium, Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg, US, Latin America and South Africa. The importance of this language in the translation industry comes also from the necessity to communicate in German when you are doing business with a German party. Our English translators here at Screens International come from different backgrounds and cultures, and are continuously encouraged to keep up with the latest terminologies, slangs and jargon, to be able to deliver the most accurate translations possible. This is also achieved by using special collaborative database tools that we share between our teams, relying on proprietary glossaries that we developed. We simply do our best to keep our translators updated and at their best.


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