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Dubbing is one of the most important features of post-production work, because the localization process as a whole is delicate and takes into consideration the programme itself as well as the target audience it’s being pitched to. A successful dubbed content must look and sound as natural as possible, while being able to stay faithful to the original characters, making dubbing a work of art. Dubbing and voice over into Italian are provided by three Italian sister companies, where we’ able to manage and operate 6 fully equipped digital studios, with access to the most prestigious voice cast and voice artist libraries.

Excellent Voice Talents

Casting the best voices for the characters, staying close to the original personality

Natural Lip-synch

In dubbing, Lip-sync is king. This is where our best work goes unnoticed

Fast Turnaround

Delivering fast, respecting client’s deadlines is our golden rule.

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Having a palette of Italian professional dubbing and voice-over talents within our library is something we treasure a lot here at Screens. In Voice-Over and dubbing, one cannot go wrong; it’s either natives or the total failure. No matter how hard someone tries, and even the most experts in Italian dialects, cannot provide the natives’ accent of a certain dialect that is not their own, without failing somewhere. By doing so, we insure our way to the top, by offering high quality work, delivered in fast turnaround times, while maintaining competitive market rates.


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