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Translation is a challenging process that combines art and logic; You need to convey the right message, in the right way, taking into consideration that you are not only converting a text, but rather a genuine idea from one country to another, from one culture to another making it a rather complicated task. Here comes the role of a professional translator. At Screens International, our team of expert translators has the right educational background and expertise to help translate any material from any language into Persian, always within a record turnaround time.


Farsi language is the national language of Iran. It is spoken by approximately 40 million native people. The standard Farsi of Iran is also referred to as Western Farsi. Another form of Farsi known as Dari, or Eastern Farsi, is spoken in Afghanistan, while ancient Tajiki Persian still exists in Tajikistan. Being one of the countries with large petroleum reserves, having a young population with high rates of education and new open minded economic policies, the future of this language is looking bright and on the rise. Doing business with an Iranian company also contributes to the rising popularity of Persian/Farsi translation.

Our team of Persian translators, is mainly based in-house and in Iran, and is made out of native speakers exclusively, specialized in diverse technical translations, marketing and media, engineering, legal and finance, etc… When dealing with Persian speaking countries, translating your documents into Persian or Farsi can help you a lot in gaining your client’s trust and collaboration, since addressing people with their own language, always seems like a more comforting and welcoming approach to them.


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