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Our voice library has a vast number of experienced and fresh new artists that we rely on to deliver dubs with accurate accents and correctly chosen tonalities.
Portuguese dubbing and voice-over are provided by native Portuguese and Brazilian actors, with a few others coming from African Portuguese speaking countries. Our voice library will always have a great selection of voices like you envision for your project.

Excellent Voice Talents

Casting the best voices for the characters, staying close to the original personality

Natural Lip-synch

In dubbing, Lip-sync is king. This is where our best work goes unnoticed

Fast Turnaround

Delivering fast, respecting client’s deadlines is our golden rule.

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PORTUGUESE DUBBING & VOICE-OVER: Reaching audiences around the world

Our voice-over and dubbing professional teams guarantee that all of your Portuguese projects fall in the ultimate standards of excellence, dealing with native Portuguese speakers only, delivering accurate translations, and quality recorded and mixed end product. “Your Project Matters!” and this is simply our promise to you!


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