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The Spanish cinema industry is only rivaled by the popularity of its famous telenovelas. It is one of the world most favorite and much-loved entertainment content, easily pitched in regions from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle-East. Since late 80’s the worldwide boom of Spanish TV serials started and succeeded due to smart distribution tactics that dubbed the content into different other languages. This also paved the way for content owners to dub Western and Asian TV content back into Spanish, an act that proved effective among Spanish speaking countries.

At Screens International, we upkeep our Spanish dubbing and VO services with paramount aptitude, to keep up to the reputation we have built over 25 years. We always intended to offer the best available resources in this field for any project, be it a short VO for telephone greeting system, a 30 sec commercial or a high production lengthy series that require 200 different voice actors.

Excellent Voice Talents

Casting the best voices for the characters, staying close to the original personality

Natural Lip-synch

In dubbing, Lip-sync is king. This is where our best work goes unnoticed

Fast Turnaround

Delivering fast, respecting client’s deadlines is our golden rule.

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SPANISH DUBBING & VOICE-OVER: Largest Localization market Today

When producers look for Spanish dubbing for their content, they usually opt for Latin Spanish, also called Neutral Spanish, due to its accessibility in 22 different countries and the relatively better costs. Its counterpart, Castilian Spanish, is better used for audiovisual material targeting Europe. While the difference is sometimes related to political and geographical viewpoints, a good dubbing provider will always give attention to the nuances between different projects, something Screens excels at, making us more of a consultant agency rather than simply service providers.


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