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Over the past few years, we have witnessed a great boom in the Spanish captioning market, where many US national TV networks and VOD platforms are required to have 100% of their content available with Spanish subtitles. Add to that the fact that Spanish is the #1 language in the world, spoken as official tongue in 22 countries and spread across 4 continents among Spanish communities. Producers and distribution agencies worldwide, understand the deep importance of Spanish localization as the best strategy for marketing their content. By using various subtitling layouts, like standard subtitling, teletext and SDH, they are able to provide many programs packages that fit the viewers’ desires.

This is where Screens International comes to play as one of the world’s best providers of Spanish subtitling services. Recently dubbed by one of our Madrid based clients, Greyjuice, as their reference provider for Spanish subtitling and Dubbing: “I’d like to add that we’re really happy to work with you, you do an amazing work and you do it fast. You’re now our reference provider for subtitling and dubbing!”
-Joan Valles, Operations Director.

The quality of service we provide, compared to the large volumes of processed hours in a variety of programme genres, is something we really take pride in.


  • 25 years of experience
  • Content localization
  • Bridging cultures worldwide
  • We speak your language!


  • Unrivaled reliability
  • Flexible. We adapt to your needs
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Unbeatable turnaround speed

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SPANISH SUBTITLING AND CAPTIONING: Your access to larger markets

There is no doubt that subtitling and captioning services are the content’s best service choice that enables the exposure to new cultures, bridging cultures from different countries and communities together. The quality of subtitles will naturally reflect the overall image of the product, therefore hiring the best available Spanish localization company is the key to success.
At Screens International, we possess the precision and expertise to offer our clients many pathways for their projects. Building on 25 years history with leading broadcasters, our clients count on us as consultants, rather than just service providers, helping them present their Films, Series and Documentaries in the best possible image to new viewers.

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