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Spanish translation nowadays is one of the hottest services required in almost all fields of business, science, education, engineering, telecommunication, legal and entertainment. Our team of Spanish translators at Screens has well over 100 professional dedicated linguist experts, covering all essential fields. You have come to the right place if you are looking for 100% Accuracy and strict Quality Control. The Spanish services we offer vary between Document Translation, Desktop Publishing & Graphics, Interpretation, Marketing, e-Learning, Software and Website Localization. These services are also offered at very competitive prices to fit our clients’ budget.


In its two major forms, Castilian and Latin, Spanish is spoken by around 450 million people around the globe, and has become one of the official languages used within the EU and the UN, which drove Screens to dedicate a big part of its effort to become one of the top providers of Spanish translation. The popularity of Spanish language has always been present among people planning on learning a new tongue; because apart of being phonetically easy to learn, it comes in handy while traveling and meeting new cultures. It is also a valuable asset for people doing business on international scales. The beauty of the Spanish language also draws on the historical values of the countries where it is spoken, which makes it one of the best ways to learn about arts and multiculturalism.


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