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Screens International has recently put into action a new contingency plan for its infrastructure for added stability. The company has invested in high-availability solutions in major data-centers in the UK to implement a complete virtual environment, linking all its departments via internet leased lines and satellite communications.
The localization industry, like any other branch of the broadcast media business, concerns itself with regional political changes. From marketing research to final product delivery, such companies rely heavily on information technology, making them prone to interrupted services in the upsetting case of political hostilities.
CEO Joseph Akiki explains: “…With the emergence of political disorder in the region, it was only natural to utilize high technology to come up with a redundancy plan. Our operations have been intercontinental for years, but now we managed to deploy the infrastructure that solidified the communication between our network landmarks.”
Most of the company’s clients are TV networks based in Europe, America and MENA region, trusting the exceptional Arabic subtitling and Arabic dubbing services for decades. During the unexpected July war of 2006, Screens managed to install several media servers between the clients and staff to keep receiving material for localization and delivering with the same flow as usual. Since then, the reliance on cloud services have drastically grown, culminating into the current deployed complex.
CIO Mario Daher described these measures as unique in the region and revolutionary: “…We have at present several online facilities linking our studios and offices, using VSAT and leased lines, to high-availability data-centers in Europe. These channels allow our engineers to communicate with translators, audio professionals, voice artists and video editors just as everyone was physically present in the same room. Using visualization technology and IP telephony, we run the show from anywhere at any time, without being geographically constrained.”
Screens International added to its Arabic subtitling and dubbing portfolio a new range of facilities like Video-On-Demand preparation and general media processing. Expanding into European territories requires not only a high-level of service and quality, but also fool-proof availability and speed.
Known to be the major provider of French subtitling for TV5 MONDE, RADIO QUEBEC and ARTE, the company is taking vital steps in providing French localization to the MENA region notably in North Africa, GCC countries, and other francophone countries of the Middle East.

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