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Where Our Best Work Goes Unnoticed

We handle your projects from scratch, starting from script translation, transcreation, and time coding, seamless lip-synching, carefully choosing the talents in order to preserve characters’ credibility, ensuring a subtle transformation of your work onto another cultures’. The production will remain true to itself, in every aspect, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation while acknowledging differences in culture that may exist.


Extensive Voice Talent Library

At Screens we understand the importance of the right voice for the right message, whatever the language. We are proud of the actors and voice talents we are able to call on, all of them as professional in their work as we are in ours and this is reflected not only in the quality of work we produce, but in the speed at which we can produce it. We are aware that deadlines in the media industry can rarely be changed, so that becomes our modus operandi throughout every project we become involved in.


Multi-Language Dubbing Service

Our long-term involvement with dubbing in the Middle East has asserted our position as the number one provider of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, in all their varieties, including, Modern Standard, Classical, Levantine, and Egyptian Arabic, Persian, both Iranian and Dari, Turkish, Greek, in addition to historical and extinct languages such as Syriac, Akkadian, and Old Aramaic. Other languages we excel at providing are French, both European and Latin American, and Brazillian Portuguese.


25 Years of Experience

With 16 fully equipped studios, and over a hundred professional actors and voice artists available, we know we can meet all our clients’ specific needs, while also ensuring swift delivery of high-volume work through the optimum use of our extensive in-house facilities. 25 years of experience has taught us that Dubbing is far from being a technical exercise of simply trying to achieve visual synchronization; We understand what good dubbing is, and we are ready to prove it.

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Popular voice-over languages


Video-Game Localization

This is the process of versioning video games into another language, in preparation for a regional or international release. The bulk of the work consists of dubbing the original voices. Read More


Dubbing for Advertisements

It is a great challenge to create a new version of an advertisement that was successful in the original language. The entire product reputation can be at stake. To see how we always succeed in delivering great end-results, click here


Lip-Sync Dubbing

For high-quality productions, meticulous lip-sync is key to success when targeting a certain territory. Our studios have been dubbing TV series and blockbuster movies for 25 years, whether in standard stereo or 7.1 surround formats. Read More


Dubbing for E-learning

Good E-learning (Online learning) videos have captivating elements such as the speaker’s dynamic personality and a non-boring clear voice. We have the right experience to dub these videos into other languages, while preserving the message. Read More


Transfer Your Video

It all begins with receiving the video and audio tracks for the music and sound effects.


Translation & Adaptation

Then the scripts are translated and adapted in a way that the length matches the duration of the speech.


Pre Mix & Final Mix

Mixing the voices, music and effects is an art by itself. A well-seasoned audio engineer handles this crucial and final phase.

Dubbing & Voice-over Showcase
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