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The largest audio studios facility in the Middle-East, comprised of 11 independent owned studios capable of 7.1 mixing, in addition to several operated studios in 9 countries, managed by partners and sister companies to serve the projects requiring regional and native accents. We have the oldest and most prestigious talent library, containing most of the famous actors with over 150 different voice artists capable of performing any role assigned by the art directors, combined with an exceptional team of engineers and technicians who periodically take part in workshops and technical training programs to sharpen their know-how and remain updated with the latest techniques.

All of the actors employed for one specific series, are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as other exclusivity contracts to ensure their availability during the production phase. Dubbing and mixing in surround formats requires special equipment, extensive technical and artistic training for the personnel, and a relaxed environment that inspires creativity. Our studios are geared with state-of-the art equipment, from brands like AVID, ProTools HDX,  SONY, GENELEC, Allen & Heath, Mackie and Neumann. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Screens has dubbed and mixed in 5.1 formats several blockbusters in languages such as Arabic – in all its dialects, Spanish, and French. Such demanding projects sometimes require other services such as Foley and the recreation of the sound effects. A team of music artists are also available when needed. In 25 years, Screens has worked its way to become recognized as industry leader, where all of our international clients testify to the excellent quality we deliver.

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With a team of 150+ language professionals and subtitle editors, Screens provides over 10000 hours of subtitled material for its clients and partners worldwide, in over 60 Languages. Primarily offering our services for top broadcasters, film distributors, disc authoring producers and VOD platforms. Read More


Whether for commercials and promotional videos, documentaries, or e-learning material, casting and art directors at Screens meticulously match the right actor to each project, according to your specific needs. Read More


For 25 years Screens has proved itself a regional leader in Translation. We are particularly good at handling Website and Software Localization, Specialized Translation, and Transcreation. Read More

media-personMedia Processing

Media processing services are the core offering of our digital labs facilitating the preparation of video content for multi-platform broadcast. Automated pipelines process the videos and output several profiles of the same original content, suitable for multicasting on Smart TV, Website, Mobile, Tablet, and In-flight entertainment. Read More