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Cutting-Edge Technologies

At Screens, we have the latest technology at hand to enable us to produce subtitles in all major formats; from SD/HD formats to cinema, and from 3D to high-definition DFXP. Subtitles can be produced in either closed or open caption options, including all customizable XML formats.

The Art of Subtlety

The provision of perfect subtitling is an art. This craft is built not on an insistence on literal translation, but rather on a sensitivity to what is happening, an understanding of what is being said, and an appreciation of the subtleties which inform this dynamic.

Speed meets Accuracy

Our speed of delivery has been a cornerstone of our success, but our unwavering commitment to the highest standards means that quality is never compromised as a result. Our logistical and operational efficiency ensures the avoidance of all unnecessary delays.

Live Captioning

We are the lone providers of live subtitling and captioning services in the region. To date we have covering sports events, major political conferences, court appearances and more. Our specialized team and high-tech equipment enable the delivery of expert closed captioning for television broadcast, webcast, or satellite transmission.

The Nuances of Culture

The international scope of our work is such that an awareness of region-specific convention, idiom, and context has always been an undeniably crucial aspect of the subtitling services which we provide. By taking the time and effort to accommodate these nuances, Screens can ensure that it will always remain responsive to the culturally diverse nature of our transcontinental client base.

From Humble Beginnings

Twenty-five years ago, Screens began as a team of five people with a passion for language and communication. Since then, this Beirut-based service provider has come a long way in terms of both size and stature. As one of the largest companies in the industry today, Screens now employs a dedicated team of over a hundred members of staff.

Screens International – We Speak Your Language!

Screens has always prided itself on transcending linguistic barriers through the provision of services which facilitate international communication. Our
extensive staffing level of highly qualified and officially certified translators position us as ideal link between the source language of your media and the
preferred language of your target audience. Currently, the majority of our work involves translating to and from Arabic, English, French, Scandinavian
languages, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, Greek and Hindi.

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Real-Time Captioning

Real time captioning, or more accurately communication access real-time translation (CART), is the art of adding subtitles to a live program, on the fly. It is generally used in sporting events, news, weather reports and political events. Screens is proud to be the only company in the region that can offer this service.

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3D Subtitling

3D subtitling is one of the most challenging aspects of our subtitling work requiring highly qualified technical personnel. Screens is the first company in the Middle East to offer 3D subtitling and related services.

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Cinema Subtitling

In many ways, subtitling for theatrical films differs from TV and Disc subtitling. Mostly done in dual Languages, follows client-specific style guidelines, and ends up at a technically challenging process that is the creation of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package).

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Captioning, in its two forms OPEN CAPTION and CLOSED CAPTION/TELETEXT, is the art of creating subtitles and additional information to help the hard of hearing fully experience the media. The need for such services has been steadily growing over the recent decades as broadcasters seek to reach a wider audience.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

With the emergence of several international laws requiring key networks to grant more aptitude to the hard-of-hearing, especially in Europe and North America, SDH has become a major service for companies like Screens. SDH differs in many ways from standard subtitling, such as color codes, audio description and a special set of timing rules that...

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How It Works

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