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Real time captioning, or more accurately communication access real-time translation (CART), is the art of adding subtitles to a live program, on the fly. It is generally used in sporting events, news, weather reports and political events. Screens is proud to be the only company in the region that can offer this service. Screens relies on experienced interpreters and stenographers to deliver real-time captioning in Arabic, French and English. By using special encoding hardware and audio-recognition software, RT Captioning is made with excellent accuracy levels, never less than 96%. In addition to steno-captioners, we sometimes use software for “voice-writers”, where the captioner is simply re-speaking what he hears and a trained audio-recognition software converts his voice into verbatim script. Additional punctuation and fast corrections are made within less than 2 seconds, and then the captions are converted into air-ready in the form of roll-up or pop-up subtitles. Live captioning requires meticulous precision and an exhaustive research to be done prior to the event, so that the captioners prepare their wording lists and familiarize themselves with information that might be mentioned during the event (e.g. list of proper names, sporting terminology, related political events, etc…)

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With a team of 150+ language professionals and subtitle editors, Screens provides over 10000 hours of subtitled material for its clients and partners worldwide, in over 60 Languages. Primarily offering our services for top broadcasters, film distributors, disc authoring producers and VOD platforms. Read More


Whether for commercials and promotional videos, documentaries, or e-learning material, casting and art directors at Screens meticulously match the right actor to each project, according to your specific needs. Read More


For 25 years Screens has proved itself a regional leader in Translation. We are particularly good at handling Website and Software Localization, Specialized Translation, and Transcreation. Read More

media-personMedia Processing

Media processing services are the core offering of our digital labs facilitating the preparation of video content for multi-platform broadcast. Automated pipelines process the videos and output several profiles of the same original content, suitable for multicasting on Smart TV, Website, Mobile, Tablet, and In-flight entertainment. Read More