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Fidelity vs. Transparency

Translation is the core of our services, that’s why for 25 years, we have developed a team of 80+ in-house translators, and over 400 certified global freelancers, covering 90+ Language pairs. Every project we take at Screens is treated with the highest respect for quick delivery and a guarantee of excellence in quality. Your translation will be done faithfully and accurately, within the time frame that suits your business. Every translator hired by Screens has the right education and undertakes post-educational training programs on regular basis to ensure that their skill remain top-notch. Apart standard factual translation, topics often covered include Medical/Pharmaceutical, Scientific/Engineering, Technical, Regulatory/Official, Historical, and Geo-political.


Each project we take is handled by at least 2 translators, doing peer-review proofing, and ending at the desk of one of our head of translation departments for the final approval. For large projects, every translator we have possesses the necessary skills and software to connect to a Translation Database Software where every step is automated and managed by a project manager. We use tools like SDL Trados, Felix and several proprietary group-sharing database systems that we have developed here at Screens. Because all of our translators only translate into their mother tongue, you can be sure that no matter the purpose of your text, it will read as fluently as the original version.

media-graphWebsite Localization

Website localization has proven to be one of the most interesting and challenging kinds of translation services in the past two decades. Companies all over the world understand the importance of localizing their websites to target new markets. Screens International possesses an extensive experience in this field, and has been offering smart solutions for dynamic large websites for years.

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media-targetSoftware Localization

The market for app and game development is booming. Smart developers seek to properly localize their computer and mobile applications, in order to serve a wider audience.

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media-cogsSpecialized Translation

With university backgrounds, and not just in languages, our translators are able to offer an unparalleled service for translating legal, medical, scientific documents, and books, while also offering full editing and proofreading services as well.

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Transcreation is the art of reconstructing the original text into another language, but requiring more advanced linguistic and literary skills. The preservation of the original ideas, keywords and emotions are always a challenge, and this is what contrasts this service from standard translation.

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