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Voice-over: Creating the Right Impression


A voice-over isn’t just a case of reading a script, and that is why at Screens many of our voice talents are more than just a voice; they are professional actors. A professional voice-over is an asset, not a simple addition, so it must enhance a production yet without dominating it. This is a fine balance which can only be achieved through experience and extensive know-how. At Screens we take this part of our business very seriously. With any voice-over, as in regular dubbing, not only is there an artist involved, but also a director. We also know that you may have a style and tone in mind, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer you a choice from over a hundred voice-over artists we currently use.





A typical VO project starts with the original video, where one or many narration voices must be substituted.





Depending on the original voice and the target language of the VO, a matching voice talent is selected and the recorded takes are made ready for final mix.



Music & Effects


Voice tracks are mixed with original music tracks and special sound effects, to finalize the VO project. Mixing with the right touch at this phase is crucial to the success of the final video.

media-graphUN-style Voice Over

The UN-Style voice-over is usually used for content of a serious nature, such as news broadcast, political interviews and documentaries, where the original voice can still be heard beneath the dominant localized voice.
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media-targetVoice over for Promotions

Commercials and promotional videos are the heart of any successful marketing campaign. Needless to say, the voice of the actor behind the video is the key to conveying the message, as well as reflecting the overall image of the product. Casting and art directors at Screens meticulously match the right actor to each project.
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media-cogsVoice-over for eLearning

Millions of e-learning courses related to technology, business, language, and sports are constantly being produced as video tutorials. Casting the right specialist to do the audio presentation is key to the effectiveness of the product.
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media-personVoice-over for Telephone Systems

Anyone who ever called a large corporate probably understands how important it is that the recorded voice message is clearly audible, accent-free and friendly. Screens voice artists excel at such jobs, especially with the help of the creative department that always comes up with innovative texts that match the client’s corporate spirit.
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The right voice gives your production a whole new presence
Professional voice-overs that bring cultures together
Tom, Dick, and Harry, 8,000 miles away
  • Documentary in Japanese
  • Documentary in Japanese

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