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Dubbed films have been a part of our entertainment industry since the very beginning. We have been replacing the dialogues in foreign films with our own to better understand the essence of what is being presented in film or TV. However, thanks to the advent of the Internet, an entirely new subcategory of dubbed films has surfaced with a completely different objective on mind.

These voice-over videos, often an exquisite example of art, are mostly aimed at making the content funnier regardless of what the original message was. Whether it’s a famous singer, a popular scene from your favourite TV Show or movie, Sports commentary or even just a video of your pets, adding a well-scripted voice over to this mix results in a product of sheer joy and genius.

This is evident from the thousands of hits available on popular video streaming websites for this type of content and a huge demand for such videos by comedy lovers over the years. Even popular T.V shows have picked up the essence of these videos and have translated them to match their own format. “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, the popular British turned American show, for example, had an individual segment dedicated towards voice over titled “Film Dubs” which was evenly well-received by the audience.

The only rules comedy can tolerate are those of taste, and the only limitations those of libel.”
James Thurber

Dubbed videos are undoubtedly a great use of talent and skill to produce quality entertainment. There is just so much out there that it is hard to cater all of it under one roof. We have, however, tried to compile a list of the best 10 dubbed/voice over there through our extensive research that is bound to knock your socks and make you not only appreciate the sheer value of this art form, but even fall in love with it.

So sit back, relax and get ready to experience this amazing “Top 10 funniest dubbed / voice-over videos” list.

See you on the other side!

1) One Direction – Story of my life

Even with all their talent and success, One Direction has always been a popular subject of mockery among the Internet community. YouTube personalities Sam and Rick are, apparently, well aware of this fact and have very efficiently used their amazing talents to produce some of the best voice-over pieces using One Direction performance videos.

These “shred”, as they like to call them, are a product of careful execution and just plain genius. Sam and Ricks channel “SamviciousOFFICIAL” has reached a total of 62.5 thousand subscribers as of this fall, thanks to these amazing videos.

This video in particular is Sam and Ricks impression of the bands performance at the American Music Awards. Using their unique skill sets they have turned the original performance into something that will keep you laughing till the very end. The video has generated more than 10 million views while the original video had less than a million. To put it simply, this one is a must watch and will guarantee you sheer laughter all the way.

2) Yeti (Cold Play)

There is just something hilarious about taking one of the classics from our entertainment industry and bloating it up with your imagination to new heights by the using the most creative and keen forms. The team at “Bad Lip Reading” seems to have master this very art and have successfully attracted more than 4.5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

The following video by Bad Lip Reading is the parody / voice over of the famous Coldplay hit “In My Place” with a mega dose of creativity. The insanely creative team of Bad Lip Reading has created an entirely new song using their amazing talent while maintaining the comedic essence of the entire concept. Even you haven’t heard the original song, which is extremely unlikely by the way, you are bound to fall in love with the catchy tone and the hilarious content that the video has to offer.

Caution, extreme laughter ahead!

3) Obama – Eye of the sparrow

Who would have thought that one would be laughing their heads off while seeing the 2012 presidential debate between Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama? Another product of the Bad Lip Reading group, “Eye of the sparrow” brings a unique blend of humour and creativity that will leave you laughing out loud.

What makes the video great isn’t simply the fact that the voice has been altered, but rather the way that this change has been implemented. The script, for one, is simply amazing and just so purposely random that you would never expect any of the stuff to be coming out of the mouths of such reputable personalities. The end result, an all-out hilarious video that will not only win your heart but would actually provoke you to share it with your friends and family.

Go ahead, see it yourself!

4) Game of Thrones

Being a huge fan of the series, I was especially excited to see Bad Lip Reading to do what they do best with the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. And, I have to say, I was not disappointed. This is probably the most creative thing I have seen in so long on YouTube and is truly a treat for the fans of the show.

Bad Lip Reading does an extremely well planned and strategically placed voice over that just does not seem out of place anywhere in the video at all. The script is, hands down, one of the best we have seen so far from the group and also incorporates subtle special effects to double the fun! Combined with a trailer-themed orientation, the video simply sets a perfect example of what great voice over and creative editing can achieve. As evident by the 20 million plus views on the page. Thus fan or no fan, you are in for a treat with this one!

5) Worst dubbing job ever?

The poor dubbing of Japanese and Korean films for the US Industry has always been the subject of mockery and humour among our community. Maybe it’s the huge difference between the dialects of our languages or pure laziness on the translator’s part, but the often humorous English dubbing of these movies has become a norm. However, the following video just takes the entire concept too far.

Appropriately titled, “worst dubbing job ever”, the following video depicts a scene from an unknown movie about a family being disturbed by a bunch of teenagers, with totally out of place voice over. The voice-over work in this video is so off that it actually makes it hilarious. Even if you are not expecting it, you are going to be laughing like anything at the end of this video. So go ahead and watch this unorthodox addition to our list and enjoy an entirely new type of voice over work!

6) Full film – Ultraman

Voice-over videos, sometimes, are not intentionally made to be funny. But misplacement and ineffective use of the voice over work could, unintentionally, produce some of the most hilarious content out there. The same is the case with this Malaysian dubbed version of the popular Japanese classic, “Ultraman – The next” released in 2004. The movie is undoubtedly an amazing addition to the hit franchise, but this particular Malaysian dubbed version makes it amazingly hard to not laugh during the entire movie.

My favourite bits are the really emotional moments in the movie which are meant to hit the emotional chord of the audience, but thanks to the Malaysian dubbing, it just makes you laugh till your stomach hurts. The entire video is hence a must watch for all as it offers a unique blend of a rather serious story line mixed with simply the most humorous voice over job out there! So get your popcorns ready and enjoy this action-comedy mix!

7) NFL 2015

Take Bad Lip Reading and a bunch of NFL players and you are looking at an amazing and hilarious mixture of pure skill and awesome voice-over. Showing their dominance in the field, Bad Lip Reading has taken a new productive route with this video by doing their awesome voice over work on NFL players. The setting that the players are in and the dialogues that they utter offer a unique mixture that is just too funny to miss.

The video is yet another hit for this popular channel which makes it a must watch for all kinds of viewers. It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of the sport or not, you are guaranteed to light up with laughter with this hysterical mix. So go ahead and enjoy one of the best work of voice-over comedy out there and feel free to share it with the world.

Animals – The Trues Stars of the Show?

This is the part where our list gets a bit more interested as we continue with a completely new set of voice-over videos for your pleasure. That’s right, if you think that you have seen everything that the genre has to offer than you are mistaken. The following videos will take you into a brand new world of entertainment where the main stars are furry and usually four legged.

We are, of course, talking about voice-over videos of animals which, with all their adorability and charm, are bound to bring a lively smile to your face. Enjoy the cuteness of these animals mixed with some very timely placed voice-over which will provide you with something you probably have never seen before. The one thing that I am sure about is that you are going to love every bit of these upcoming videos as you try not to fall of your chair laughing. So without further ado, here they are, our addition to the 10 funniest dubbed / voice-over videos straight from the jungle kingdom.

8) Animal dubbed with voices

If you haven’t already seen this video, you are in for a treat! The following video takes some of the most typical clips from BBC One about the animals in their native environment and, with the addition of words to these animal’s action, turns the whole scenario into a hilarious scene to watch.

The video is owned and licenced by BBC Motion Gallery (MVR) and is a complete package if you are looking for something that will cheer you right up. The video is more of a compilation of various animals engaged in their usual activities complimented with a very efficiently planned voice-over. To top it all off, the animals are given a British accent that just falls perfectly with the hilarious theme of the entire video.

So prepare yourself for a blast of humorous and amusing content as you see these animals say just the most random stuff while performing their usual chores in their natural habitat, all of which just falls right into place. The video is also suitable for a younger audience so you can share the laughter with your young ones who will just love watching their favourite animals in this bizarre scenario!

9) Dogs love food

This particular video is one of my favourites. Taken from the popular YouTube channel “Talking Animals”, the video has generated almost 174 million views on YouTube and has been a highly trending piece in its time. However, if you till haven’t heard of it, consider yourself lucky as you are about to experience one of the simplest yet most creative voice-over work on YouTube.

The video is titled “Ultimate Dog Tease” and is a hilarious conversation between a dog and his owner as the owner teases his dog about his favourite treats. You will literally fall in love with the expressions that the dog makes and the words he speaks as the owner continues to tease him in the most hilarious way. Get ready for a hilarious take on the relationship between a man and his best friend as it brings you with one of the most joyous moment of your life!

10) Now it’s the cats turn…

The final video on our collection is another amusing addition to the list with the star of the show being a cat this time. Another product of the popular YouTube channel “Talking Animals” the video portrays a rather arrogant cat as it casually deals with its owner who is trying to tease it about its food. The video is yet another hilarious addition to the voice-over genre and has managed to attract more than 8 million views over the last years.

The video takes a turn near the end with the introduction of a new character and his conversation with the owner which is extremely funny and very efficiently placed to suite the characters’ lip movement. We will leave the rest of the detail for you to explore yourself as a bit of a treat that you will surely love. So go ahead and enjoy this amazing video and let us know what you think!

So there you have it folks, our 10 funniest dubbed / voice-over video list for your pleasure. The videos are a clear depiction of how much a mere difference of the dialogue spoken could change the entirety of a video. The amazing talents of the voice-over teams involved in the videos discussed above deserve much appreciation and love.

So make sure that you go through each and every one of these videos and feel free to share them around as much as you want to help raise awareness of this extremely potential and deserving genre of comedy. We, on our side, have done our job and the torch is now in your hands.

Hope you liked the collection we have presented to you. Feel free to send us suggestions for any other such videos and we will surely include them in our list. Till then, enjoy a great week! Cheers!