In the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war in the 1990’s, there was a great need for improvement in the local media sector.
From an original start-up of five people in two rooms, Screens International began to penetrate the larger regional market, and has repeatedly relocated to more substantial premises and employed more staff.
From the very beginning our mission was to bridge the East-West divide by creating a facility where, through effective subtitling, Western television serials and films could be enjoyed by the Middle Eastern population.
Foundation of “Screens International” by Joseph Akiki – a Lebanese start-up offering Arabic, English, and French subtitling and dubbing.
Became the largest provider of subtitling and dubbing in the region, relying on exclusive agreements with top broadcasters like BBC, SKY and DISNEY.
Screens International undergoing its second major expansion, due to the adoption of digital subtitling technologies, novel at the time, which strengthened ties with BBC, SKY, DISNEY and SHOWTIME. That year Screens International was also dubbed as the best in comedy subtitling by Dr. Cornelia El Khaled (Head of Languages – Showtime).
That year witnessed the adoption of new Open and Closed Caption formats, which paved the way to disposing of the old tapes burnt-in subtitling methods.
The first conception of redundancy network to serve as permanent backup plan for all communications and data transfer routes. This paved way for the new Private Cloud Network (PCN) that will later be inaugurated in 2012. Screens International introduced several new technologies to the region, including 3D subtitling and HD tape subtitling.
Relocation of head-offices and third major expansion in management, staff, services and global reach. Several successful ventures with new international partners.
Screens International is still dashing forward with the same philosophy it started with: Always expanding, but keeping our services personal.