Be it internally by continuously recruiting and growing our teams, or externally through the efforts put to acquire new clients and partners.

We grew from a small Lebanese start-up company that provides Arabic subtitling to local and regional TV channels, to one of the largest Localisation and Media Processing services in the world.

Through partnering with peer companies and establishing 6 representative offices worldwide, we managed to be present on the global scale, in times where large corporations always seek mergers in order to forge universal authority in the field of Media and Broadcast.

Knowing that the internet is the future of Television broadcast, we rushed into developing a redundancy cloud network that serves as a strong and stable platform for video processing and transfer.

The technologies we rely on are provided only by the world’s most prominent brands in Internet and Information development.

We are looking ahead for the upcoming years with confidence, planning the future with hope to remain on top of our game. We have always been pioneers of new technologies, and now we put all our efforts to expand and reach all regions of the world.